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31x67mm Polished Shungite Tall Pyramid Tower

31x67mm Polished Shungite Tall Pyramid Tower

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Shungite is a rare stone made up of 99% carbon, found in Russia, and it is most commonly known for its powerful ability to work against pollutants, free radicals, and germs and it is especially regarded for its ability to shield it's user from EMF exposure, which is all too prevalent in our tech crazed world. Shungite has wonderful grounding and purifying abilities, and is best when it is used daily starting gradually and then increasing over time. Shungite is especially activating on the Root Chakra, it connects it's user to the earth in both the physical and spiritual realm and is known as a spiritual neutralizer.

The pyramid is a sacred geometrical shape, they are super powerful and high vibrational, the pyramid acts as a funnel pulling the energy and wisdom of the earth down into your palm, you can sometimes feel a tingling sensation and even a light-headed almost trance like feeling when holding these stones.  You can also place these near your electronic devices, or use them during yoga or meditation to help purify and balance your aura and chakras.

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